O and A and E and I and U and sometimes Y Canada!
Our home and native land and seas which are close to our land!
True or false patriot love or disdain in all of us command or suggest
With glowing organs, we sense thee elevation change,
All cardinal directions strong and free and even some weak and enslaved.
From far and wide and near and narrow,
Vowel Canada, we stand and sit and crouch and lie on guard for thee
God or any god-like entity including a fleeting spiritual idea that even one person happened to believe in for a moment – along with and maybe especially the one invented by Elrond Cupboard, I think then call him Xena, never mind that’s the warrior princess, but it’s something like that – keep our land and sea glorious and free and expensive and with mild fanfare!
O Canada, we stand, etc. on guard for thee and thou and ye and yow.
O Canada, we stand, etc. on guard for thee, etc.

[Author’s note: This is a response to people getting upset about changing a line from the latest version to be gender neutral. What a strange thing to get upset about. I understand the execution might appear to have the opposite effect, but I assure you this is only because now you’re the one getting offended about nothing.]

[Editor’s note: The author is aware that Canada Day is in fact on July 1. However, since it falls on a Sunday this year, his personal holiday from an 8-hour desk sitting competition is today.]

July 2 – Scott Aukerman gets an inclusionary Canadian anthem
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