There exists in your midst a rare genetic condition known as chronodysplasia, in which time is experienced in reverse.
While the world was not built for chronodysplasiacs, through extended training and the right pharmaceutical concoction, the afflicted can properly adjust to the world of the forward-timed.
Sufferers tend to focus on activities that aren’t time-dependent, such as meditation, static art, and palindromic literature. However, it is well understood in the community that music is by far the most important aspect of life, with many members asserting they only felt truly accepted in humanity after listening to their first drocer.
In 2015 the Siralop Ezirp was established to bring attention to those living with chronodysplasia. The award, whose nominees are the same as those short-listed for the year’s Polaris Prize, is given to the artist who created an album that, when listened to backwards, produced the most euphoria, happiness and satisfaction in the listener.
The jury is composed of a single chronodysplasiac who, along with selecting the Siralop winner, was tasked with determining the Stand-Out Tracks from every reverse album, all of which can be heard below. He also conceived of a single sentence that embodies each record as a whole, but no one told him to do that. Winner below.

Syavvla – Syavvla
An asthmatic jellyfish journeying aimlessly through space, at one point passing a drunken Sandra Bullock and smiling an appropriate smile.

Hallik Ecaftsohg & DOOGTONDABDAB – Luos Ruos
Our Prussian hero climbs a ladder hanging from a helicopter in the Atlas mountains to escape an underground prison run by a hearing-impaired warlord.

Sdiarb – Siri Eht Ni Peed
A wild premonition appears, indicating that when the Russians finally seize power, this sonic platitude will overtake Leningrad’s version of Taylor Swift on St. Petersburg’s version of Rick Dees.

Uobirac – Evol Ruo
A frightened orb sautéing low-hanging fruit cautiously avoids the destitute crickets above.

Eltsac Refinnej – Ytic Knip
A forgetful siren, whose veneration is overshadowed by an unforeseen swarm of monarchs, pleads to her king for another shot at glory.

Ekard – Etal Oot S’ti Siht Gnidaer Er’uoy Fi
An amorphic embezzler, stranded between dimensions, cries out to the master for another chance at life.

.Rj Ossej Saibot – Noog
An oversized toddler who, while exploring a keyboard configured by a Kepler-452b labourer, finds himself scoring a David Fincher spaghettini western.

Srehpargonrop Wen Eht – Sresiurb Llirb
Altruistic robots heralding a revolt using cries that echo off the dripping pipes of an abandoned Easy-Bake Oven factory.

Eiram-Etnias Yffub – Doolb Eht Ni Rewop
An ineffable understudy, resigning to her post, considers the alternative.

Gnoc Teiv – Gnoc Teiv
An elderly spectre cascades through the crowd of a circus whose ringleader is a malleable sitar missing a string and his homeland.

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