I’ve recently written a number of episodes of a future webseries titled “Brunch“. It centres around a group of friends in their mid-twenties who regularly meet for brunch at different restaurants in their city. Each episode takes place over the course of a single meal. The dialogue is supposed to be natural enough, with interruptions, overlapping and unfinished thoughts. Mostly the characters tell stories, joke around and riff on different ideas, with a loose arc as a trivial afterthought. They discuss the previous night, the meal they’re eating, recent events in their lives, and nothing of consequence. If you would like to read a particular script in order to provide comments, criticism or to briefly distract yourself from the inevitability of death, please click the preferred episode title below:

  1. Cig Brunch Bar
  2. Brunchausen’s Syndrome
  3. Brunchkins
  4. Brunch Drunk Love
  5. Brunchdel Test
  6. Brunchies
  7. Not All Heroes Eat Crepes
  8. Brady Brunch
  9. The Brunchback of Notre Game
  10. Drunch