Well, it’s been quite a half-year we’ve all had, here at iSmith and beyond. People are mad about stuff over there, other people are mad about other stuff in a different place, but most importantly, everyone’s mad about something and nobody realizes this has all happened before and will all happen again and there’s nothing we can do about it except bask in our own inadequacies.

Fortunately, my daily Celebrity Birthday Messages have been a source of comfort for MANY, and they will continue until the year 2018 has sucked its last breath of cold air, clinging to life through people’s inability to remember to write 2019 on correspondence until late January.

At this mid-point, it’s important to enlighten myself and my followers and Tom with statistics related to this project, to determine where my loyalties lie, or more accurately, who still uses Twitter.

  • 181 days have past – 181 famous people have been greeted.
  • 123 men and 58 women were lucky enough to be included. Please refrain from pointing out the large difference here. I am aware.
  • These include 76 actors, 38 musicians, 33 comedians, 10 writers, 6 television personalities, 5 athletes, 3 filmmakers, 2 journalists, 2 businesspeople, 1 chef, 1 whistleblower, 1 politicians, 1 magician, 1 model and 1 radio host. In one of the many Venn diagrams created for fun and for learning, 18 fit into the category of “white male comedian”, a relatively high number but understandable considering it should have been a goal of mine to be included in that segment of the population.
  • 134 of them can be described at first glance as “white”.
  • 12 are Canadians, 8 are younger than me, 2 are somehow named Joss, and 1 is now dead (RIP Verne).
  • I’ve seen 16 of these celebrities in real life, while speaking briefly with 2.
  • 6 favourited their corresponding post, with Chantal being the only one who appeared to truly appreciate it.
  • Only 1 will die completely alone, only realizing at the end that fame and money and power and celebrity status is as useless as nuntits and as hindering as the Hinderburg. I’m looking at you, Enrique.
July 3 – Tom Cruise gets a mid-year breakdown
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