I named a word after you. Xenaphobia is experienced by people who are afraid of strong, confident women. It was so much fun coming up with that one, so I went ahead and invented a few more, all of which have been submitted to Webster’s, Oxford and Urban. Fingers crossed I’ll get them all in by 2020, the Year of the Unwitting Underduck, but in case I don’t, I wanted you to know some of them at least, for use in your everyday life.

  • Celibrate: Positively observing a successful refraining from sexual activity after overcoming that addiction everyone seems to have these days.
  • Cache cow: Word that is too easy to decipher if you’re trying to hide something by speaking in a different language.
  • Chargeling: The added cost of things in your life due to the avoidance of awkward situations.
  • Cigarous: A really large stick you can smoke trees out of.
  • Conspiracist: One who is unduly prejudiced against those who believe in conspiracy theories.
  • Celebrify: Turn someone into a celebrity.

As you can tell, C is my favourite letter. However, other letters also deserve new words:

  • Renovenge: Vandalism on the building that replaced the one from which one was previously renovicted.
  • Douche egg: One who has not fully developed into a bag of douche, but is well on their way.
  • Roverlap: When both people in a text conversation send essentially the same idea at the same time.
  • Daughterogram: Sonogram when the baby is a girl.
  • Ogram: Sonogram when we don’t want to put any gender ideas into a baby’s head before they’re even born.
  • Eugenics: The population control theory involving the killing of anyone not named Eugene or Eugenia.
  • Realigoode: Piece of art or content recommended simply because it’s been consumed, not because it’s of a high quality.
  • Jamoozy: Jacuzzi for sloppy poochies.
  • Broaudience: The lowest common denominator watcher of a piece of content.
  • Troove: To find a lost item soon after replacing it.
March 29 – Lucy Lawless gets a word named after her, and then a bunch of other ones
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