I write songs too. And I write parody songs too. That’s two things we have in common. That’s probably it. Anyway, here are some of my parodies. I won’t give away all the lyrics because you can never be too careful when it comes to internet vultures taking your art and turning it into content, but here are the gists, along with a key line from each:

  1. Same Bugs – A Chance the Rapper song told from the point of view of a 7-year-old boy who’s drifting away from his “girlfriend”, who only got that designation because her older brother took her phone and played a prank on the kid.
    • (sung with a lisp) “We don’t eat the same bugs no more”
  2. She’s A Good Day – This is a reimagining of a Joanna Newsom tune if it were written by a guy who dragged off from George St. I got my dad to sing it on an album I made.
    • “Even under the ugly lights, you still looked fine”
  3. Dirty Old Man – The traditional ode Dirty Old Town, but next to a high school, not a wall.
    • “Half my age plus one, with a salon tan”
  4. Inflammatory Bits – Another Newsom distortion, about a guy ruing his recent blood test results.
    • “I don’t remember where I stuck my member”
  5. Women Are Great – A couple of unnamed rappers wrote a song many years ago whose title is the very opposite of this one, and unfortunately it’s a real jam, so it’s understandably hard to justify liking it despite the misogyny it half advocates.
    • “I used to know a woman named Madeleine Albright, intelligent and brave, all day and night”

There’s more, but I know by this point you’re probably inspired enough to go write some more G&O jams. Keep it up. I know I will.

March 31 – Kate Micucci gets parodical jams
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