Well respected, successful older actor Gary Busey is working on an independent film. On the studio lot, he runs into a director¹ he used to work for. Someone told him this director was hoping to cast him in his next film so he casually asks him about it. The director quickly dismisses the idea. To calm his nerves, Gary steals the director’s private jet.

He accidentally lands the plane on Neville Place instead of at the airport. Instead of calling air traffic control, Gary figures he would just go for it and try to get it off the ground from there.
I try to convince him that he shouldn’t take the chance because it was more than likely that he’d crash into a house and kill some people. But he does it anyway, it’s a success and he ends up getting to the airport in time.

Someone was taking a video of the whole thing, and 100,000,000 people saw it online. He becomes a hero, or hero of the day or whatever.

High on heroics, Gary gives me a kidney I don’t necessarily need.² I’m spilling water everywhere. I keep apologizing, saying I’ll be more careful, and I do put in real effort trying to be sensible, but the spilling continues.

Gary and I discuss how great blood transfusions are, how the rejuvenation is like no other. He had his first one last night and is going to get another one tonight. After that we talk about how great the Donkey Kong franchise is, and it makes me want to play Donkey Kong 64 again.

Instead, Jesse McKeown drives Megan Brown and her friend Jana around a big open desert on a snowmobile. There are words projected onto the clouds. Someone is wearing a cat mask and having sex with a cow, pretending that’s a normal thing to do. Marthe is telling story about Andy, really killing it and captivating the room.

I’m a new deadbeat dad, to a baby who’s about two months old. I’ve been around her before, but this is my first actual attempt to act like a father. I smell her head and it’s the most incredible scent in the whole world³.

¹ [Editor’s note: It’s not Francis Ford Coppola, but it might as well have been.]

² [Editor’s note: The kidney was Gary’s, at least.]

³ [Author’s note: The head smell reminds me of this dream I had a few years ago where I smoked crack outside my old university and it was the greatest feeling I’d ever experienced, although it still wasn’t enough for me to try crack in real life.]

June 29 – Gary Busey steals a plane to relax
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