Can’t sleep.
Conjugating action verbs in a language I used to know.
Solving the city’s traffic congestion problems.
Imagining how fast the moon spins around the earth around the sun around the middle of the galaxy around whatever’s next out there.
Predicting if there will be enough orange juice left for me in the morning.
Curious if Paycheque or Payback was the better movie.
Considering if I say ‘for sure’ too much.
Thinking about the time they wouldn’t let me buy birdseed.
Speculating on how much allowance is these days.
Making TFW I realized FTW and WTF use the same letters.
Questioning every decision anyone has ever made.

Can’t sleep.
Can’t get past that bees don’t have knees.
Sleep or get off the cot.
Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows are a self-sustaining ecosystem.
The redundancy factor has excluded me again.
It’s Christmas Eve, not Christmas Steve.
I see more grouse in a cypress tree outside my window.
Leprechaun Ollie might eat me.
There are not enough pies for every school district in Wellington.
My beet red muse got the red meat blues.
Stendhal has written zeroes in Stockholm for the last time.
It’s funny when your pants are meatballs.
In a perpetual purgatorial state.

Can’t sleep.
Trying to figure out it’s all all about.
There’s nothing in the beginning and nothing in the end. Enjoy between the nothings.
You just keep doing stuff until you die, then you don’t do stuff anymore.
You are what you experience, and that’s all.
Stay positive – give more than you take.
It’s just a series of people going, “Is this the answer? Maybe this is the answer.” And none of them ever answering yes.1
Accept that you can never know what you want to do, where you want to be, for the rest of your life.
It’s about setting yourself up to connect, and leaving jokes for each other as we go along.
Where in god’s name are we actually going all the time?

Can’t sleep.
Time to wake up. There’s a day waiting for me.

1 [My phone transcribed this as “Places that serve Beef Bowl going just answer answer.” Honestly, this is what I really think it’s all all about.]

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