Remember when everyone got mad at you for trying to raise money to make a movie? That must have been a little frustrating for you, especially since you were essentially a pioneer, or at least an early adopter, when it came to crowdfunding films.

I try to raise money too, to fund my own projects, such as patronizing a soon-to-be-shell-of-an office worker who would prefer to leave that life behind and follow a dream he once had. There’s another one where I’m trying to get enough money to buy a perk in a different crowdsourced project. You can support these important fundraisin’ efforts and get some perks of your own by becoming my very Patron.

But to be honest, so far I’m having a hard time getting anything off the ground. I blame my network, which is either financially illegible or non-existent. And still there’s one idea I can’t shake, no matter how hard I try, as its potential, to do good in the world and better in my pocketbook, is as limitless as Brad Coops.

So you know when you have a vegetable, and it’s hard as a rock, and you don’t know where to put it to begin with? Of course! And you know when you have headphones, and they’re pretty good but could be better! You betcha you do! The only way out of this mess is to combine them both.

beets + Beats = Beets

See ya in the millionaires club, DJ.

April 6 – Zach Braff gets to the source of my crowdsourcing
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