Whenever someone tells me of an accomplishment they accomplished, like winning a gold medal at some form of the Olympics, I say, “Okay, sure, but are you happy?” They usually think for a minute and eventually say no, in some form or another, so then I feel better about myself. You see, I am well aware that if anyone is ever forced to consider whether or not they’re truly happy, over the long run, they will likely realize that they are not.

Happiness is not a gun of any temperature, it’s not a fish at any stage of caught, it’s not an instrumental assertion of no consequence at all. You will always grow accustomed to whatever state you’re in, and you’ll want a little bit more. The greener grass applies to us all. Some blissfully ignorant avoid the internal nagging, but it’s because they’re unable to consider the reality of their situation.

Poor people don’t understand why rich people want more money. “How could they have this certain amount of money and still not be utterly happy. I would be!” No, you wouldn’t. Not for more than a minute. Gen pop doesn’t want to consider the fact that they need to look elsewhere for happiness. “Well this amount of money didn’t make me happy. I guess I need a bit more money to be happy.” Sure, that must be it.

The rock star wannabes lose their drive if they ever attain their goal. They want more, or less, but don’t know where to find it. The huggers of trees try their best, but the weight of the world, well it gets to be a bit much sometimes. The meditative pretend they have it all figured out, but they can go straight to hell with that.

A certain song contends everything is alright “Because I’m happy”? Ha! No, yer not. No one is.

April 5 – Pharrell Williams gets happiness projected
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