Me, Kelly, and Norah rob a convenience store. I’m the getaway driver. I stop a woman, who’s only going into the store to ask directions to a restaurant called Jalapeño Heaven, from entering. We escape in Kelly’s car, which Norah owns, but we get lost and then end up in the same store again. The cashier chases us on her bike and almost catches us since the car won’t shift past first gear. I come to the important realization that tigers are fossilized lightning. God interrupts my thoughts and says to a nearby man nearing death, “Next time, have your bags packed.”

[Editor’s note: The first sentence is in fact correct, as it’s supposed to say “rob”, not “and Rob rob”. Rob wasn’t there, but I get why you’d think that. There is also a possibility that Kelly believes only people can be robbed, not stores or other inanimate objects. She might be right.]

[Editor’s note 2: The original title of this post was “Jalapeño Heaven”, meant to bring additional awareness to the rarely used Twitter account created out of this dream. However, the dreamor once awoke from a separate dream, in a panic, with the only recollection of the experience being the title Speed Dreamin’. He’s now incorrectly claiming that one was a clone of this dream, but he’s only doing this so the title doesn’t go to waste. I was going to let him call it that anyway. It’s his agent who wanted “Jalapeño Heaven”. I could give a fuck.]

Speed Dreamin’
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