Mae Whitman and I are very petty thieves, stealing candy and bars from a convenience store. The first few times there are no hiccups, but at one point I approach the counter to buy a large Reese’s Pieces and the clerk warns me not to take anything. I act like I don’t know what she’s talking about, and fortunately I wasn’t wearing my proper thieving attire so I didn’t have any unpaid items stashed away.

I hand her a twenty and she dumps out a cup with my exact change. I joke about her change-giving skills, using actual money to demonstrate my interpretation of her prowess, and in our laughter I accidentally take the original bill back.

Outside a group of kids are throwing our batteries around. I go to retrieve them for Mae but the kids are having none of it. They’re rude but still I stand my ground.

Off to the side, John K. Samson is doing a cover of Something On, but it sounds more like Save the Planet.

Eventually I return to the store to get Mae and explain to the clerk I may have taken the twenty by mistake. She thanks me for my honesty then tells me about the last customer who was in there, who overpaid willingly and then was flying to Los Angeles on a whim because it’s too cloudy here.

June 9 – Mae Whitman does some petty thieving
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