I’m with Lily Tomlin and Chuck Klosterman as we make minor adjustments to an official document, putting the finishing touches on our master plan that will drastically change the world.

Chuck makes a crude joke, but one that’s clearly intentionally over the top. Lily thinks he’s serious but I lose it laughing.

Chuck: “See, Smitty’s the only one who gets it. It’s the Joke of the Day!”

In case he didn’t know about it yet, I tell him about the “Joke of the day before noon”, explaining the entire story, but he’s disinterested.¹

So the ideal successful outcome of our master plan is the development of a society where everyone is best kind. It’s working out really well until Lily offers Chuck a bite of her peanut butter cookie. He devours it greedily, which makes us realize he’s still a jerk. This alone throws off the entire balance of the new world order.² I had neglected to consider that my partners in the overthrow weren’t included in the necessary adaptation for the utopia.

¹ [Author’s note: In case any of you are not disinterested, I once wrote a jingle that goes, (singing)
“We had the joke of the day before noon / We had the joke of the day before the moon came out.” after coming up with a great joke early one morning. The “joke”, which lacks context even now, is, “Luke, you ate my guava.”

² [Dreamor’s note: While considering the loss of balance, I was unable to come up with the word “entropy”, which I thought might have been useful to say at some point to really hammer my point home.]

June 5 – Chuck Klosterman gets the joke of the day before noon
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