Happy Birthday Joan Baez! It was a different time when you were younger, I bet, but you seem to be cooler than ever. When my dad was a kid, he knew this fella Mickey Brennan. Mickey started up a softball team for the boys in the neighbourhood, and he even got his uncle Ray’s company to sponsor them and buy their jerseys and all that. They joined the league over in Placentia, and had to call themselves The Brennans after the store. Halfway through the summer, everyone else decided they were half sick of Mickey, and he wasn’t much good in the field anyway, so they kicked him off the team. Now fast forward about thirty years, and no one has heard of or talked about Mickey since that fateful summer. My dad wanted to get a band on the go, so he got his brother and their buddy to start one, and they started playing shows around town. Billy Houlihan and Eddie wanted to practice all the time, but Dad figured they were fine just playing the shows, they were good enough by now. Billy and them wanted someone who was more dedicated than that, so they got another fella and booked a gig at the old folks’ house, without Dad. When Dad found out, which was bound to happen, he went up to Billy and was like, “What the hell? You Mickey Brennan’d me!”, to which Billy shouted right back, “You Mickey Brennan’d yourself!”

[Editor’s note: There is a slight possibility that the narrator of this is the author’s cousin Michael.]

January 9 – Joan Baez gets Mickey Brennan’d
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