Happy Birthday Katie Couric! I wish you the best today, I really do, but there’s something on my mind and I’d like to know how you feel about it. So the other day I walk into this coffee shop near my house, and I step up to the counter, with no one else in line. I begin ordering a cappuccino but stop myself when I notice a sign for a featured item next to the cash register. “Turmeric chili latte”. Well this sounds interesting, I’m sure you’ll agree, so I have no choice but to change my order to this special drink. While it’s being prepared, I see that they sell the turmeric chili mix on its own to make at home. It says “decaffeinated” on the bag but I assume that’s only because the coffee isn’t included. However, I ask for confirmation from the baristo that my drink contains a healthy dose of the caffeine. Now here’s where it takes a turn. He goes, “No, it doesn’t.” So I say, looking out for future customers, “Oh, you should probably make that clear on the sign.” He has the gall to go, “You should’ve asked.” Stunned, I sit down and gather my thoughts. He interrupts these thoughts with a, “I don’t make the sign, man. I’m a drone.” A drone! In this tiny coffee shop! No way, I say! And then I say, “Well in a coffee shop I think it’s safe to assume that a latte has coffee in it.” His response? “Latte just means milk.” My word! I say back, “So if I ordered a latte, you’d give me a tall glass of milk?” His silence said it all. So my question to you is, “What’s your favourite type of coffee?”

January 7 – Katie Couric gets a baristo’s indolence
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