Happy Birthday Julie Chen! I like the way you asked questions to the Big Brothers like they had important things to say when really I’m not so sure they did, and I’m not so sure you think they did either. You can tell a lot about a person by how they ask certain questions. You know every now and then you run into a guy (or girl!) and they ask you, “Hathn’t thou yet dined at thee hour which is nigh?” It’s perplexing at first, but then out of nowhere some other dude runs up and yells in your face, “Yo, youse eat?” Same question, different words. But before you have a chance to admire the dichotomy, this fella’s brother pops up out of nowhere with a quick, “Foodstuff facetown?” Now don’t get me wrong, it’s nice having all these friends who request your company for a lunch time dalliance, even the as yet unmentioned fourth friend, who you went to high school with and puts far too much effort into trying to maintain a relationship that has clearly run its course. He’s the one who always goes, “Gobble gobble, birds and bobbles?” then sits there with that stupid hopeful look on his face waiting for a response. Now so far I realize I’ve only mentioned other people’s diction of choice, but hidden among those questions is the one that I actually say. Which do you think it is? C’mon, which one do you think I say? Yeah, you’re right, it’s “Foodstuff facetown?”. Gets right to the point, doesn’t it? Vital to a leader’s perception, if I ever hope to attain the position of leader anywhere.

January 6 – Julie Chen gets variations on a dining invitation
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