Happy Birthday Joel Zimmerman! My friend wore your head one time. I’ve never said that to anyone else. Remember when Bill Gates was the only one who could control his thermostat with his voice? With the robots having taken over, it’s high time we move to a 4-day workweek. This won’t affect you so much, but for the office people it’s pretty important. The problem is, we won’t be able to get people to agree on which day we should get off. About 0 people will pick bland old Tuesday, since most people forget it exists anyway. About 10% will pick Wednesday, which makes sense, as it could be a nice way to break up the week. Another 10% will pick Thursday, mainly out of confusion, thinking they were actually choosing Friday. Speaking of which, I used to think that, with almost no exceptions, everyone else would pick Friday. It would make the week feel like we’re all getting two Saturdays, the holy grail and apex and crest of days. Then I started thinking, sure, two Saturdays would be pretty killer, but could we really keep that up? For a while it would be great. Partying would go through the roof. But after a few years of that, we’ll all be clamouring for some extra relaxing time. Anyway, in case you have any official input into this matter, when it comes to which day we’d get off, I’d like to make a case for the Mondays. It’s basically doubling down on Sunday. Two Sundays. Not as many as Billy Crystal, but still better than the current, paltry single Sunday.

January 5 – deadmau5 gets a restructured week
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