Happy Birthday Dave Foley! I bet at this point you’ve heard every “in the hall” pseudo-joke people have to offer, and you nod along smilingly waiting for it all to be over. If you haven’t done so in a while, take a nap outside. Not because there is something especially uniting or inherently interesting in dozing off in a proximal nature, but because it is so disorienting to wake up in the grass, either by the sun portraying a sundial or by a lonely passerby, initially reserved but eventually happy to discover that you are in fact able to wake up and continue your day, relieving them of the unpleasantness and time-consumption of having to turn in a dead body to the appropriate authorities. Mild disorientation is a reminder that comfort is easy, that easy is boring, that boredom should be protested and rallied against in the streets more than war or anti-war or jelly bean houses.

January 4 – Dave Foley gets an outdoor slumber
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