Happy Birthday Dan Harmon! At what age did you decide Dan suited you better than Daniel or Danny? ‘Magine if it was Dan Pudi and Danny Harmon. You can’t, I bet. I bought the real Dan Pudi a beer at a brewery but didn’t give up his cover. Eventually, enough people recognized him and he left. What was your favourite birthday gift ever? I’m picturing a blue wagon but now I’m thinking it’s some kind of game extension. You were once in a dream I had buying an expensive tree. How come “haha” is so different than “lol”? Every time someone writes “lol” it to me I picture this stupid little look on their face. Sometimes I write “lol” if if I want to show the top part of a guy getting held up. Or a bird’s-eye view of the same guy skiing. Sometimes I write dob when I want two people to be smelling his armpits.

January 3 – Dan Harmon gets pestered
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