When you Bing a celebrity, “net worth” is always the first autofill. Closely followed by “dead or alive”. Unfortunately, this is all many people seem to care about. I refuse to be one of those people, and so I remain willfully ignorant to the money some hard-hitting journalists assume is in your bank account, and I will simply assume you are still alive.

Are you reading these words on an Apple product?

The screen distracts you from what’s around it. But you still know what you want to be doing and what you will do eventually. It’s not procrastinating. It’s waiting for the right mix of energy, attention, and time that you can devote to these projects so that you essentially have to succeed.

Outside the device is a novel, one that has been adapted for the screen, but you want to finish the book before moving on to the film. Your bookshelf is filling up with other books that you will one day read.

Your eyes wander. Nothing really holds your attention anymore. You’re at an age that you used to assume made a person a real adult. You still don’t feel like an adult. You realize that your parents probably don’t feel like adults. You wonder how similar your parents are to you. They must be. But you can’t imagine your father ever relating to this version of you, acting like you do.

You are sitting up straight. A special person once taught you about posture and posturing. If you turn around slightly, you’ll see an instrument that isn’t played as often as you claim you want it to be. The room you’re in is clean, but there’s got to be more to it all than this.

January 29 – Heather Graham gets told what she’s doing
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