We all know about cloning sheep, but with the destruction of the ecosystem and all that, we need to focus on cloning the loveable, bumbling honey bee. No doubt about it, the bee is the most interesting insect around. A lot of people like ants, and I get it, but the bee – now that’s where it’s at.

First off, they do this little dance, shaking their butts around until the other bees go, “Ohhh, so that’s how you’re shaking your butt. Now I know where all the flowers are.” And they’re right!
Besides that, they’re right fuzzy, and who doesn’t love a fuzzy little thing.

They shouldn’t be able to fly, according to those scientists again, but there they are flying around, sniffing flowers and manufacturing honey and making me smile.

And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, Jerry “Seinfeld” Seinfeld was a bee in a movie, one which brought joy and information to countless bee and film enthusiasts. Jimmy Carter was a bee in real life and even became the first bee president, which was probably an honour back then. And it all started with that great campaign slogan, “Let me bee your president!”, which most certainly got him elected.

Now back to the real thing. A big family of bees all live together in one hive, and they have different jobs that benefit everyone! The workers, as was alluded to earlier, sniff the flowers and make the honey. The drones fly overhead and spy on people. And the queen gets coitused all day but still loves every second of it.

Protect the queen and survival of the hive are the main goals. Now that’s a species I can get behind. At least more than the one that voted for a guy who thought he was being clever with some sort of “bee” pun.

January 19 – Dolly Parton gets a bumbling bee
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