Do you or any of your characters have an unusual affinity for rice mixed with milk and cinnamon and raisins? Last week, I mentioned flippantly that rice pudding is boring and tasteless. In hindsight, this was not fair and possibly not accurate, as I cannot remember having ever eaten even a bite. Since then, the dessert has injected itself into every facet of my life, coaxing me to give it a taste.

A slow child at a restaurant in the midst of a tantrum threw his rice pudding at my head, barely missing my open mouth.

That night, on an episode of a television show about aliens, a past abductee, whose actor might be the one I would enlist to portray me in an adaptation of my life, was lied to about receiving a bowl of rice pudding.

Finally, I awake in a stupor, drunk on dreams and high on insomnia. The next several hours go missing, and in the morning I’m discovered by my dog, who is licking my face, basking in the rice pudding slathered around my kitchen.

Now I think that rice pudding is fine, at least understanding how it came to be.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t be afraid to try new things, especially when you have no reason not to, and the universe is really pushing to make it happen.

January 17 – Joshua Malina gets a Baader-Meinhof’d rice pudding
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