Last year I was in the hospital getting my stomach removed, along with a GIST tumour that was hiding out nearby. After my initial surgery, I became quite ill for the next couple of days, later determined to be caused by a leaky gall bladder, and I ended up hallucinating for around 36 straight hours. I became so accustomed to the visions that I managed to write down a lot of what I saw immediately after it happened, fighting the upcoming apparitions in order to type the previous scene.

In one, I witness an alternate ending to the film “Christine”, although it was titled “The Old Adventures of New Christine” and you were playing the title role. Michael C. Hall takes you to a college sports match in Florida. You’re upset that the city has to pay for stadiums to be built, instead of the teams and its fans, so you donate $50 to Tottenham, which is now in Florida. Hall gets upset because he wants Sarasota to get more money, so he begins to put a competing $50 in their donation box next to bathrooms. However, you work hard to prevent this.

There’s a struggle, and one of you pulls out a gun. A shot is heard, and you are passed out on top of him. He screams and tries to get up. In order to do so he needs to pull the gun out through a tiny hole made in the wall. He yanks vigorously, repeatedly, enough to hurt his hand, eventually hurting his nose as well. I come to in the hospital, having pulled out the tube from my own nose, and quickly realize that I should not have done this.

January 13 – Julia Louis-Dreyfus gets a painful hallumination
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