So we came up with this really great webseries, about a weekly open mic event, called – wait for it – Open Michael.

The main guy, Mike Hunt, is the host. One girl calls him Hot Michael, but mostly he’s Open Mike. At this point you probably want to know about some of the other characters, and if that’s what you want, well here you go.

In the episode “Yes, Andie”, Andie Grange is the only member in a one-person improv troupe.

In the spirit of a Mitch Hedberg, Juan Rodriguez stars in “Juan Liner” with quick quips and short stories.

Penelope (pronounced “Pee-na-lope”) Harrison reads her poems aloud in “Penelopoet“, and boy are they something else.

In “Interpretive Dans”, Daniel Kennedy tells jokes, while his straight man best friend Danny Esposito dumbs the jokes down, or smarts them up, always with humour, of course.

There are others, but I don’t want to give anymore away in case someone steals what we’ve already established is a really great idea and sells it for $$$.

[Editor’s note: The project is currently stalled because of legal dispute with a similarly named Eagle, but I’ll leave that one to the barristers, as we trudge on accordingly.]

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