I have a few suggestions for stand up specials that those incessant nagging wannabes you likely have to deal with are free to use so they’ll shut up asking for advice. Since comedy comes in fours, here’s a quartet of these concepts:

  • Die Comedy! – Diametrically opposed jokes are told, which brings diametrically opposed people together. This is vital in the current climate, which is generally humid.
  • Convey Your Laughter – A conveyor belt moves the comic from one side of the stage to the other, very slowly, over the course of the hour. If the set goes well, it’s sped up for an encore.
  • Director’s Cut – The comic directs their own special, regularly interrupting the bits with camera cues, lighting changes and on-the-fly edits.
  • One Man Shower – Filmed while the comic is washing up, getting ready for a big night out.

The rule-of-four comes into play again with some titles I have, whose formats can be determined at the time of use: Heckled, Funny At The Time, Comedian Without Boredom, and Not Intended For Audiences.

If these ideas can save you even one minute of time in the long run of running into strangers who want to connect with you when all you’re trying to do is find the ripest avocado or the on that will be at optimal ripeness when you intend to eat it, then I will have repaid you for all those laughs that were produced while your face was in front of me on a screen.

April 4 – David Cross gets some ideas to pass on to hopeful comics so that they’ll leave him alone
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