I go to trivia alone in a basement bar, descending the stairs to reach the main floor. I sit at a long rectangular table and team up with a straight couple and another girl. The girl gets up and leaves, then comes back sitting across from me, but nobody acknowledges her again. The guy, who goes by Daw, asks for my name, and he keeps making references about my life that he shouldn’t know, such as my job as well as lines from songs I wrote. He asks if I like caesars. I apologize for being weird, saying I had a strange weekend. The girl in the couple, named Jean, who’s cute and has interesting teeth, is having difficulty performing simple math equations. Daw shows her how to do regular division using two cat faces. I ask him to explain further but he looks at me like I’m made of spaghetti. At one point he tell me that if I invite him to a party he would probably come. We lose trivia, but Daw and Jean drive me home and admit they knew who I was the whole time. We end up walking along Hayward Avenue, where I leave them to walk alone down a steep hill to return home.

[Editor’s note: In case you didn’t click on one of the links in the post, please visit the dreamor’s Trivia page for a fun time!]

Trivial Teamwork
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