Jenny is having her birthday in space. Her main goal for the party is either to get scared herself or give the rest of us a good fright.
It hits me that I forgot to turn on my phone’s Airplane Mode and I worry about the data charges I must be racking up.
The spaceship is on autopilot, with no trained astronauts on board.
Virtual reality headsets are there to make it seem even more like we’re in space.
A few scientists on board pretend to point out Mars, but really it’s just a MUN classroom with poorly made “space” items.

[Dreamor’s note: Immediately after this dream I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep for the rest of the night. But I feel like if you get to go to space in your dream, yeah, you gotta give up a couple hours of sleep. Even if the end of the dream made it seem like we were never in space to begin with.]

Mr. Spaceman
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