Flying back to Vancouver, there is a 24-hour stopover in Calgary. Everyone at the airport seems to have the same delay. There are signs up referencing a non-existent Looney Tunes episode in which “Today is Tuesday, tomorrow is Thursday, today is NOW!”
I comfort a girl who’s crying because she’s afraid of flying, and so I try to get her some Ativan. I’m wearing joggers because I came to the airport from a friend’s place and forgot to check a bag, forgot my carry-on, didn’t have my wallet, and only had my phone some of the time. Kelly and I are sitting at a table with several people who don’t know that we’re together.
A massive construction project is underway in the distance. Drake is building a really cool dance club over there. Workers tearing down the current building are removing huge pieces of concrete from the top floors, then casually walking vertically down the building until they get to the bottom. They must have the most grippable shoes in the world.

Is Today Now?
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