I alternate between being Jimmy from Shameless and Brie Larson.
We’re both subjects in a subversive anthropological experiment taking place in an upscale hotel and the surrounding winter resort.
I don’t know who to trust, but I need to expose what’s happening and I need to find someone to trust so they can help me.
I’m looking for five yellow parts that can fit together to make an object that will be useful to me in my mission.
Chelsea is imitating her parents, but after a while the gibberish she is speaking seems to actually be her speaking gibberish unintentionally. I consider that her Wernicke’s area might be disrupted.
The experimenters are implanting false memories into us. They make us think they have naked pictures of us and they’re going to help us catch the perverts. I almost trust the woman who is my primary experimenter, but stop myself after realizing she’s orchestrating it all.
It is understood that I can find or earn keys to unlock certain rooms. The more I obey, the closer I am allowed to get to the middle rooms, where I might be able to change things.

[Editor’s notes: The “five yellow parts” was first encountered by the dreamor while playing Super Mario Galaxy. Also, Jimmy is the one from the US Shameless, portrayed by Justin Chatwin. There may not even be a Jimmy in the UK one. Furthermore, Chelsea’s gibberish could have stemmed from a problem in the Broca’s area. The dreamor often confuses the functions of the two. I’m sure one of you smart butts will let us know if he got it wrong.]

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