I’m playing in an NHL game. I’m clearly the worst one on the ice but I’m doing okay considering.
A soccer game is going on on same playing surface, and it’s a bit annoying how those players keep getting in our way.
Wayne Gretzky casually admits he’s attracted to young boys, but says he goes to Japan and eats a bunch of sushi once a year to calm his urges.
On the bench, Coach gets me to show Robb Wells how to pee into a bottle so he doesn’t have to go back to the dressing room bathroom every time.
There’s a bench-clearing brawl, and I’m looking for the smallest guy on the other team to fight.
I eventually find Toast snoozing under some equipment and kneel down to see how he’s doing. I get transported to an adult solo theme park, where participants are wearing VR sets and wandering around a large square.
This entire time, I’m actively choosing not to watch the Spike Lee joint, “Blank U”.

[Dreamor’s note: While “Blank U” does not currently exist, a film treatment is being prepared in case Mr. Lee shows the slightest interest in directing the movie.]

[Editor’s note: I cannot stress enough, especially in these tumultuous times, that Mr. Gretzky is not a card carrying member of NAMBLA and has never acknowledged an attraction to anyone other than his beautiful wife, who is of legal age to marry in pretty much every country. It should also be noted, for any readers who may themselves share Dream Wayne’s desires, that there is absolutely no evidence that eating a bunch of sushi once a year will reduce anything other than hunger for sushi.]

Blank University
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