Bridger owns a pizza shop and is making dough when I walk in. She tells me how she found an alien but will be sending it to her lab soon. She hands me a large bottle of vodka and then gives me a good hug.
Danny is in the corner planning things poorly. He forgot his puffer which he really needs right now but we ignore him. He runs out to chase a bus, which won’t wait even half a second for him even when they’ll stroll up to the stop twenty minutes late like a real shitty friend.

I walk in as Bridger is shooting an elaborate scene where Riggy is suspended in a harness. There are dollies and cameras set up everywhere in their studio but they are the only cast and crew. They are relaxed but the scene looks dark and intense.
They have been trying to recreate a very specific sound heard in Mephisto that Bridger claims cannot be done in post due to authenticity concerns. She has imported a rare bird from South America to make the noise but it has remained silent as of this point.

[Editor’s note: This post contains two distinct dreams, dreamt a month apart in the middle of 2016. They are included as one only because they were both sent to the “Bridger” referenced in the dreams on the same day. While the dreamor knows several Bridgers, based on the references to Danny, Riggy and directing, I believe this particular one is Emily. It may be Sophie, who is most certainly “the best dog to have at the cabin”, but I highly doubt it.]

Bridge to Somewhere
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