I just felt like an idiot for asking “Is this the lovely Nia?” to Bill Burr when I ran into him having lunch with a “la-dy”. He might have been cheating on Nia, and if so I made it more awkward for him. Then again, he shouldn’t be cheating anyway. And if he’s doing it out in the open like this, he deserves to get caught. Never mind, it’s just a friend. It’s only lunch. Why wouldn’t it be just a friend?

[Editor’s note: The Biz Markie track linked above has nothing to do with this dream. The dreamor just happened to notice that the phrase “just a friend” existed and, according to him, “Never turn down a chance to get people to listen to that song.” As of this writing, the dreamor has never heard the far superior Freddie Scott song, “(You) Got What I Need”, which contains the hook sampled by Mr. Markie.]

Just A Friend
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