As I sit in a coffee shop on my laptop, I’m approached by a stranger, an abrasive, pretentious woman.
“What do you write? she asks, assuming I write.
Me: “Uh, lots of stuff.”
Her: “Well, write a joke right now.”
Me: “That’s not really how it works.”
Her: “You’re all so precious. Just write something and let it go. What do you write about? It’s not Muslims or anything, is it? Because you don’t understand them like you think you do.”
She continues to provide notes, and some of her ideas are decent. We end up writing something together, like Zach and Lane’s mom in Gilmore Girls.

[Editor’s note: The dreamor has requested, and I have begrudgingly agreed, that you are all made aware of a font he once developed called Amy Sherman-Palatino. It is downloadable as an easter egg somewhere on this website. However, I must warn you that it is a hideous design, based primarily on the dreamor’s own often indecipherable handwriting. Oh yeah, it’s named after the creator of Gilmore Girls. That’s why it’s at least somewhat relevant here.]

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