I try to help my friend’s band monetize in novel ways. The first hour of the consultation involves uploading their music to various online platforms, ensuring the metadata is correct. We decide to release, as a bonus when the new album is purchased, all of the Logic files created for the album, to encourage complete fan remixes. Finally, each album cover for their upcoming vinyl release will contain a strap connected by two adjacent corners, so that a merch purchaser at their shows can carry the item more easily, like a purse instead of a clutch.
After a successful meeting, we celebrate by going outside, where I find my recently satched red hoodie. A newly acquired senile cat is allowed to roam free in the alleys, although it is understood she will soon be hit by a car. The neighbours have been warned about her either way.
Tim, Newman, Smitty Too and I play a board game I recently purchased at an estate sale. The entire game surface, which is about the size of a small skate park and contains multiple levels and stairs, is never used in its entirety. In the first round, each player has a deck of antique playing cards and must place four of those cards into a special lock box. The second round is even more complicated.

[Editor’s note: In this context, “satched”, which may be unique to Newfoundland, means “soaked right through after being caught in a heavy downpour.”]

Band Campers
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