I am the only passenger in the car as Callahan is turning left onto the parkway next to MUN.
I start asking him, “Has there ever been an Irish song where the main character gets pulled over by the cops for drinking and he tries to defend himself by saying that the average BAC of all people in the world is below the legal limit, and since he’s just an average guy then he shouldn’t get in any trouble?” but I’m interrupted by an outside distraction after saying “pulled over”, and so he isn’t able to respond to my question, if he knew the answer to begin with.
Later, I attend a work conference and I’m in the hotel room, having recently returned from swimming. I can’t find my clothes, so I take another guy’s shorts, which could become a big deal if he finds out, but once he does, he doesn’t care. I’m the least fun person there – they’re all drinking and having laughs, and I’m not doing anything.
A woman is trying to decide what to get her partner for Christmas. An Indian guy tells her to get someone to crochet something for him. I butt in and say that’s not what every guy wants. He ignores me and tells her he has a crochet guy if she needs one. I refrain from telling her that I also have a crochet guy, who is Chrissy, because I don’t want to: 1) get Chrissy involved in making something she doesn’t want to make for someone she doesn’t know. 2) propagate that the crocheted item is definitely the right gift.

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