Casting a pod from your garage gave you your second wind on a calm day. You get interesting people to willingly open up about their lives and struggles and successes and idiosyncrasies and complexities, and this minimizes the chasms we’ve dug for ourselves, uniting us in relatability and humanity. And, you know, that might be important as we look for reasons to be here and be here now.

Of course, I have my own podcast ideas that, based on personal experience, won’t be coming to fruition any time soon. Man, go on, you can make your own, they say. WELL I’M BUSY, OKAY??? So I find myself content in listening to others, like those below, as I walk under the canopies of my neighbourhood with a tinier version of myself.

My recent favourites out of this scrolling list are Good One, The Q&A, I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats, Everything Is Alive and This Sounds Serious, to go along with the perennials of Fresh Air, WTF, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Song Exploder, Hardcore History, 30 For 30, This American Life, Radiolab and Heavyweight. Please delve as I have.

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[Author’s note: I already have the title for your next special – “The Old Marc With A C“]

September 27 – Marc Maron gets a list of podcasts on my phone
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