Bending over

Kendell’s highly secure questions.
Step after the single take videos
Cattle Productions
What’s oreos?

Cyril Sneer
At least I’m not a fomophobaphobe
The brewery in my bottle of beer
Not wearing a bathrobe?

Frizzy bits
Him eat curry before a performance
He’s my friend with benefits.

Mix. It’s still almost perfect.
Is good for the outside of a man.
Design | Create

[Editor’s note: The above sonnet was created by Poetweet using @iansmitty‘s history.]

[Editor’s note II: For anyone utterly fascinated by this idea, below is an indriso using the same program.]

Tuba Toothpaste

Look like you didn’t answer a text
Ghetto Jughead
You, but I do forget le context.

What my goal was with this search.
One hundred years of solitaire.
Ideas of March

Dramatically, across the board.

She gets a rider’s guest list.

September 22 – Joan Jett gets a collaborative sonnet by @iansmitty and an aigorithm
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