As I previously mentioned, a couple of unnamed rappers wrote a song some years ago whose content is despicable to me and my minions, but the music itself is unfortunately quite catchy. Now more than ever, it’s time for a lyrical update so we can still listen to the sweet jam without feeling bad about ourselves or the past that created us. Here’s my lone attempt at making this happen:

Women are great
Women are great
Women are great at everything
They’re funny and smart, they can dance and sing
They’ve been getting oppressed for far too long
It’s time we get society to right this wrong

I used to know a woman named Madeleine Albright
She’s intelligent and brave, all day and night
She inspires people to be better all the time
Breaking the glass ceiling on her arduous climb

If she was born in the States, she’d be president by now
For her Prague Spring thesis alone, she should take a bow
Doesn’t take advantage of her diplomatic immunity
Spends her days serving America and the Georgetown community

She knows a melting pot makes the best soup
Uses her influence for good at the Albright Stonebridge Group
Madam Secretary deserves all her honorary degrees
Madeleine Albright is nothing if not the bee’s knees

May 15 – Madeleine Albright gets a modernization of a classic rap song
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