I’m at a party on the 22nd floor of a building downtown, and based on the decorations it must be New Year’s Eve. My friends are all around me but for now I am alone. I’m watching the city below, the energy pulsating through the city and this apartment, as I sit in the sun room.
Another man enters and sits next to me. I don’t know him very well. We’d met a few times before, but nothing in our shared past has been too substantial or meaningful. Although he did date my current girlfriend for a couple of years, and I’m living in his house with most of his stuff, including pictures of his family, so there’s that connection, I suppose.

As far as I remember, this is the first one-on-one conversation I’ve had with him.

A lot of my friends say he’s legitimately the nicest person they know, and having a similar taste for cool girls, as it seems, there’s a decent chance we’ll get along.

He points out an apartment a few streets away, with a deep green light coming from the patio, and wonders how it ended up there. It’s not a colour you see very often lighting someone’s house, so we decide that it must be related to the holiday, or possibly leftover from Christmas. My eyes shift slightly to my right and I see another green light, coming from a different building.

Suddenly, it’s as if half of the apartments downtown are shining a green light at the world. This makes no sense anymore. We can’t figure it out.
Is this the spark of a revolution? A signal that a new life begins now, the catalyst for true change?

He glances towards my direction and a stunned expressions comes across his face. “Uh, you’re gonna need to look behind you…”

I turn around, and staring back at me is a green light bulb, radiating the room we’re in. We are not only a part of this new world order, but it turns out we are the leaders of its movement, this coordination of viridescent illumination, whose ultimate goal remains an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a glow.

March 18 – Queen Latifah gets an unplanned revolutionary origin
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