There is a sting operation underway as Wayne Brady and I try to expose the shady dealings of a popular populist politician, who looks like a Hell’s Angel and wears the same shirt every day. Before he got dressed, we switch out his shirt with an almost identical that has a wire under the AC/DC logo, and he goes on living that day the way he normally does, being corrupt and all. We’re giddy when he finally says a specific line we were waiting for. We arrest him in the middle of legislature and he knows he’s caught when he looks around and sees everyone wearing Santa hats and beards.

To celebrate, we head to a skeezy bar in the mall next to Save-On-Foods that has laundry machines. After moving my washed clothes over to the dryer, I accidentally put the last of my change in the washer, so I need to get management involved to actually get my clothes dry. Outside I overhear a girl mention that her favourite drink is a downtown mai tai. I plan to confuse surprise her by ordering the rare beverage right before her in line, but she walks on and I’m stranded at the bar, ordering a drink I do not want.

I go next door to interview this guy Matt for a job, and it goes well. When we’re done we walk together along Main Street, with Toast off his leash. Matt gets in his car and coaxes Toast to jump in. I’m confused, and even moreso when he starts driving away. I yell at him to stop but he doesn’t listen. The driver’s side window is down so I jump through to prevent him from leaving, half my body dangling outside. He pushes me out and drives away.

Kelly takes control of my phone because I’m not to be trusted with getting Toast back. Fortunately, Matt agrees to some kind of exchange, and we meet him at the corner of Oslo and Bermuda with a briefcase full of untold goodies.

June 2 – Wayne Brady gets to help me save the day
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