Year 1: Ohhhhh, black on red, red on black.

Year 4: Ohhhhh, the number on the card needs to be slightly lower than the one it goes on.

Year 17: Ohhhh, jacks and queens and kings are like elevens and twelves and thirteens

Year 33: Ohhhh, aces go off to the side.

Year 37: Aces are like ones.

Year 41: Aces collect numbers higher than the ones they represent, backwards from the other way around

Year 53: Nothing goes higher than a king.

Year 60: You flip three cards at a time from the deck.

Year 61: You can only do something with the top one of those three.

Years 62-99: Reallllly figuring it out.

Year 100:

[Editor’s note: The author has just finished reading “One Hundred Years of Solitude” but thought it was called something else the whole time.]

July 5 – Nardwuar the Human Serviette gets one hundred years of solitaire
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