Mara: Ian, do you know Jordan?

Jordan: Nice to meet you.

Ian: We’ve actually met before, but I’m kind of glad you don’t remember.

Jordan: Why, what happened?

Ian: Well it was at a party at Emily and Matt’s last Christmas. You seemed pretty sober.

Jordan: Yeah, I was driving that night. Boxing Day, right, when they got married?

Ian: So Tim introduced us just as I got to the house, and after a couple of minutes I said, “I really liked that movie you did that took place at The Sprout.”

Jordan: I didn’t make a mov —

Ian: I know, that’s what you told me. So I said, “Are you sure?” still thinking I was right, which I know I wasn’t. But then I said, “Well that short you made with the couple on the swings, that one was great.” And you told me you never made that one either. I slunk away as the embarrassment forced me to. But then, after the party I went online to check, and you do indeed have a short, “Seconds”, where there’s a kid on the swing.

Jordan: Oh yeah, that’s probably what you were thinking of.

Ian: Then why did you pretend you never made the film? I had a single detail wrong, sure, but you made me feel like a buffoon.

Jordan: Maybe you are a buffoon.

[Author’s note: Oh no. Maybe I am.]

July 16 – Barry Sanders gets a fictional second meeting with a local filmmaker
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