How many people were in on the decision to drop the Amber? I hope it was your and yours alone. Executive decisions are important, as an album I wrote indicates. The refusal to make a choice, no matter what it is, is becoming commonplace. Maybe it always was, but I was still dead before, so all I know is now. Time wasted, indecision lauded. Granny Smith or red delicious, the benefits and drawbacks of each option are pored over, in great detail, until no choice will be satisfactory. The executive decision maker speeds up life, and we all need to periodically accept the role when it’s floating around the ether, waiting to be picked up. Acknowledging the executive decision is sometimes relevant but is generally frowned upon. It stirs enough emotion in those still debating the options to make them feel as if the decision maker is forcing them into a choice not yet fully examined. This is one of those times.

The improperly managed executive decision making in our world must be culled. The man in possession of the coveted goods cannot tell others they’ve had enough if he refuses to provide his contact We’re all in this together, and we’re all friends. Not everyone is currently on the same page, and this must be rectified.

January 23 – Tiffani Thiessen gets an executive decision
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