My mom was describing this thing she’s picked up recently called “mind clearing”, an approach to meditation building on mindfulness approaches, with the ultimate aim of reducing suffering caused by mental, emotional, relationship and spiritual distress, by (as you may have guessed) clearing the mind. When she was finished, I said, assuming she’d just tell me to shut up, “That sounds a lot like this technique I used to do called ‘mein kamfing’, where we try to clear our mind of any impurities.

So she doesn’t pick up on the prank but obviously sees something in my idea. I’ve now heard both her and Dad independently call Mom’s new thing ‘mein kamfing’, which she said she “relates to a bit better”.

Besides all this, Dad’s spending half his day trying to convince Mom the person running that mind clearing seminar is a charlatan. Get me out of here, you know?

February 15 – Alex Borstein gets an off-hand jeu de mots taken literally by parental units
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