I was walking home the other day and noticed a guy halfway down an alley smoking what I can only describe as the reefer. He noticed me noticing him and then turned around quickly so that I wouldn’t see his face or something. But through it all he kept smoking.

I wanted him to know I was cool and wasn’t going to rat him out, so I yelled, “Man, don’t worry about me. I ain’t no cop.”

So he goes, “That means you IS po-po. Dou-ble ne-ga-teeve.”

There was a pause, but you know what? He was right.

So then I went, “Sheeeeeeet. I been had, nutta butta. But now you’re under a breast.”

He looked at me all confused like, until I ran over and put a piece of tender chicken on his head!

And we both had a good laugh about it all.

[Editor’s note: This shouldn’t matter, and ideally someday we will live in a world where this does not even bear mentioning, but for the record, the ganja smoker in the above anecdote was a white person whom the author presumed self-identified as a male.]

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