I am in a utility mansion in a disputed part of the Ukraine currently controlled by Russia, although there are very few soldiers patrolling the place. Some people have set up tiny camps in the hallways, but it’s possible they were planted there as Russian spies.
On the top floor, there is a vent that looks enterable. Peter is able to jump up and get in. After a short crawl through the vent he ends up in an area about the size of a tent. He calls out for us to join him so Hogan, Louie and I follow quickly behind.

[Editor’s note: The dreamor assures me that “enterable” is a word, although I disagree, as does spell check. The internet is down right now and I don’t own a paper dictionary, so I have decided to trust his knowledge. My psychologist would be so proud of me.]

[Editor’s note 2: Christ, you’ve got to be kidding me. Now he wants it in the title too, as some ineffective portmanteau. Serenity now.]

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