The Guy is telling a story to his three friends about one of the first times he ever sold drugs, to a young woman his friend kind of knew. “There was a badge on the table, but it was so obvious that I felt like she must’ve been an actor or something, playing a cop in a play. I had to ask her about it and she admits she’s a cop, but says she’s cool and doesn’t believe in or enforce marijuana laws. We end up talking and smoking on the couch, eventually cuddling, but she stops it from going any further. Then her partner, like her cop partner, shows up unannounced and -”
He interrupts his own story to ask why there’s a full case of beer outside the fridge but none inside.
His friend says, “Put a couple in if you want.”
The Guy: “Why don’t I just put them all in so we have cold beer when we need it? I’ll put a few in the freezer too.”
Friend: “Don’t forget about them.”
The Guy: “I won’t. Here, I’ll go buy another case to replace this one.”
Friend: “Don’t worry about it. So what happened with the girl?”
The Guy: “Oh, we broke up.”

[Editor’s note: This post contains a character and title taken directly from this webseries and show you should all watch.]

High Maintenance
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