I’m the first AD on a Tim & Eric movie, with Tim directing.

Most scenes are filmed in quick succession in a large swimming complex. The plot focuses on Japanese culture, and the entirety of pre-production is emptying Wing’s egg roll sauce packets of their contents. The main character is a speedboat on acid, with the antagonist being a Stuka bomber that is adept at weaving through metal wire traps.

After the final scene, which is rife with explosions and takes a lot out of everyone, the fourth wall gets broken as the camera pans to Tim as he sweatily declares that it’s a wrap.

I say to him, “We should cut that last part.”

Tim responds, “I would’ve agreed, but now we have this conversation too, so we’ll leave the whole thing in to be very meta. So this is the actual last thing the viewer sees.”

[Note: I just finished reading the Winged Invasion of Crete chapter in a World War II historical account Battles Lost & Won.]

Tim & Eric and the Winged Invasion
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