Part I

I’m listening to the Sugar Ray Power Hour on the radio with Rajiv and Noel Sparrow. Kate Vaughan tells us a sad story about in-fighting in her family caused by an inheritance dispute. Rajiv and I openly discuss what could have been done to prevent it. I say how much I love how the whole situation was basically inevitable because of stubbornness. Kate is upset at our callousness, and this is further exacerbated when I’m unimpressed that her job is dubbing over swear words in TV movies. She even shows me an example of her work to sway me, but it doesn’t work.


I wake up and after writing that dream down in my Notes, I essentially decide I’m not going to go ahead with the challenge¹. I acknowledge this is cowardly and also a bit lazy, but I accept this and fall back asleep.

Part II

I’m hanging out at a mountain cabin where the owner has a self-serve pot-buying station set up, which I struggle with. I show Rajiv the note I just wrote as an example of why I no longer see the fun in telling mostly random people they showed up in my dreams. Tim is playing a small show in the basement of the second cabin. I show up expecting to know a lot of people, but the only person I recognize immediately is Danny Reid with the face and body of a young teenager. I’m oddly self conscious about the Weakerthans shirt I’m wearing. I politely say hi to Danny and his girlfriend, who’s the same age as how he appears. His girlfriend says something is ‘thick’, in a good way, and I riff on how I’m out of touch but still make a few jokes about me being thick. A few more people join in and the overall mood in the room is lightened. Danny says that whenever his girlfriend makes him feel old with her phrases… “Sometimes I’ll be like, (young girl voice) “you won’t lick my butthole, shut up!”


¹ [Earlier this day I tell Rajiv I’m considering a “challenge” where if someone shows up in my dream, I will have to tell them about it.]

Appearance Challenge
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