Eddie Vedder is wearing a tuxedo while guest hosting The Late Late Show, where Todd Barry is the first guest.

Eddie: “As you can see, I’m here with Todd, but first I’d like to play a song.”

He jumps out of his chair, pushing Todd aside, and runs to the monologue microphone, where he immediately breaks into the opening of Champagne Supernova.

As the first verse winds down, the curtains open up on a fake classroom scene, where a multitude of celebrities are scattered throughout the desks. Adam Levine jumps up to a second mic and joins in the singing. It becomes quite obvious that someone else is singing an entirely different song at about the same volume, and eventually it forces Adam to stop singing and turn around to find out who’s ruining his performance. It ends up being Chevy Chase, who’s laughing heartily because of his successful prank.

The Late Late Chevy Chase
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